Another revelation.

This time we were at the business centre on Clyde Quay Wharf. Lovely place.

Deborah Morris-Travers spoke to us of her experiences and the way her life has changed since last year. Very inspiring and simultaneously daunting as we look to getting the work done.

Individual coaching sessions started this week and our group have Emma Hart to help us. I was amazed at how Emma could take the meat and potatoes and the heart and soul of a talk in so quickly and completely and emerge with strong ideas and suggestions.

As I read my talk that night I still got bogged down. At about the same place. But it was better. And the feedback was better so I’m on the right track. Still too long. It felt it as I read it.

Right at the end of the session we heard that we would only be allowed cue cards next week. And only for that week really, so the pressure builds.

Two days later I had my one on one with Emma. I felt heard and understood. And the re-work was just great. I held nothing back in terms of letting things go. Emma got me thinking that this should be the last time I read the talk, from now on I should present it. A whole new reality. Very different.


Working out the cue cards turned out to be easier than I thought. The rule of thumb seems to be one main idea per card and a few reminder words, written large.

I got to 9 cards. Too many, but it’ll sort itself out.

It’s been so in my head this talk and the process so I had a day off completely.

But tomorrow ……..