June 18th 2017 Tedx at St. James – On the Day

We all had to be at St. James Theatre  for the dress rehearsal by 12.30 in our outfits for the day. Nerves were running high. The stage was fully lit and our 2 meter square of red carpet sat prominently in the centre. We weren’t allowed to stray off the carpet or the cameras […]

One More Training Week

Suddenly there’s only one more training week after this one.

We all had to give our whole talk this week in front of everyone, working only off cue cards.

Some people have slides and vids but I’d decided not to. Emma had said that people need to watch me and would lose something if they’re following […]

TEdx Training Week Three

Another revelation.

This time we were at the business centre on Clyde Quay Wharf. Lovely place.

Deborah Morris-Travers spoke to us of her experiences and the way her life has changed since last year. Very inspiring and simultaneously daunting as we look to getting the work done.

Individual coaching sessions started this week and our group have […]

Tedx Training Week Two



It was a long week for me with my talk. I revised, and revised, and revised.

It made me focus on what I was trying to say, the message. and the theme – ‘Perspective’, and I had to think about what I wanted people to go home with from my talk.

And make sure I was […]

Tedx training week 1

Tedx talks come with five 3 hour training sessions. You have to make yourself available, but why wouldn’t you. It seemed a great opportunity to work with specialists and other passionate people.

I turned up just in time one cold Wellington evening and looked curiously round the boardroom of the Museum Hotel at the other […]

Ready for Tedx

Back in March the call for speakers at this years Tedx event arrived in my inbox. It was immediately challenging as I had wanted to be involved with this forum for all of its previous 3 years.

So I decided to apply.

‘Idea’s worth spreading’ is the concept behind the world wide Ted talks and the […]

2017 Beckons

10th January 2017

2017 is a year that holds great promise for me. It’s been a golden goal for so many years. Impossibly far away and unlikely.

It marks the ending of one period of my life and the start of the next – my third age.

When I was 28 I had Leukaemia. When I turned […]

It makes it all Worthwhile

Hi Nik

I stumbled upon your old address when clearing out my contacts and decided to see if you were still in action on the internet – thereby finding your new address. You probably won’t remember me but you treated me in 2007 when I spent a year in NZ. I was doing a college […]

Treatment vs Education

We’re well into the six month Postural Patterning course now and I’m so impressed with the group. There are 13 people doing the course, 2 by skype but the other 11 turn up ready to go every Sunday. They’re a diverse bunch, Some have backgrounds in health sciences like therapeutic massage, psychology, physiotherapy and […]

Posture Course 2016

The course is for you, everyone. Over the last 30 years I’ve worked at understanding how people use their bodies and how to improve their physical skills. Now it’s time to share these secrets with everyone else. It’s information that everyone should know about themselves.

I actually started out working on other peoples bodies but it wasn’t until […]