These testimonials have been given by clients I’ve worked with. I find them interesting as they tell me what people saw and heard and their impressions at different stages of the process.

When you first meet Nik, he has the uncanny ability to look at you for 5 seconds, then tell you what your ailments are likely to be. He is acutely aware of, and has expert mastery of, his body and posture. He can mimic your own posture instantly, making you feel a bit uncomfortable when you realise what you look like, but also giving you the “aha” moment when you realise he’s right. May 2010



DION – company director

I was referred to Nik after 5 years of bouncing round between various health professionals who were struggling to diagnose and treat me.  He was a last resort before committing myself to surgery. By the time I got to him I was in pain most of the time, having trouble sleeping and starting to fail at work and becoming a burden at home.  Simply put Nik helped me when no-one else had been able to. Nik offers a unique blend of professional knowledge, experience and genuine care.  He has suffered through his own health challenges and brings empathy and insight that can only arise through having been there himself.  His approach does not offer a quick or easy solution. It has been hard work unlearning patterns of posture and movement developed over years.  I am getting there, Nik has given me the insight and tools i needed to give me options to move away from the pain and to feel a safety/security I didn’t realise I had lost.  Today, I am off pain medication, don’t need to see other health professionals, have the energy I need to be myself again at home and work and I have not had to have surgery. Nik, thank you from the bottom of my heart, I really don’t know what would have happened to me had I not met you.            June 2014


I recommend Nik Curry and his work highly. I’ve had a frozen shoulder for over two years and it’s caused considerable discomfort, frustration and even self doubt. I’ve seen a number of physio’s and other therapists over this time with very limited results. Thanks to Nik’s insight, I’ve become aware of how my posture contributes to the problems and how making some changes to my posture facilitates the solution  January 2009.

Tim R , Psychologist
I was looking at a wheelchair within the next five years without having a clue as to why my body was falling apart…until I met Nik. He gave me the what, the why and the how to understand my problems. Now I walk better, stand better and sit better. Importantly, I’ve developed the habit of constantly checking and reminding myself in all of those endeavours. It’s all made a major difference in my outlook, and my lfe. My body is stronger and better aligned now.  October 2007

Peter , Photographer

Diane    Scientist

Diane was a  client back in the year 2000. We lost touch when I moved to New Zealand but she recently contacted me with this story.

My life turned a corner when I stumbled across Nik Curry several years ago at the local gym in Hobart where he was working as a physiotherapist. I was desperately miserable from problems with my back, for which I had consulted a procession of health professionals who had made things worse. My back problem didn’t cause much acute pain, but it caused dull pain and extreme discomfort which I had been enduring for years with all aspects of my life affected.

Nik immediately cheered me up with his personable manner and remarkable insight into my problems. Just from looking at me, watching me walk and inspecting the wear on my shoes he could tell what I was experiencing.

My mind was foggy, confused and skeptical but Nik inspired confidence, clarity and optimism from the start.  

Above all, I was struck by how fit and calm Nik looked himself. He had a poise, confidence and stillness that I had only seen previously in people who do a lot of yoga. He hinted at the serious health problems he had experienced and I found this hard to believe, but also realized it was why he knew his subject so well. I was impressed by how cheerful he was, despite all he had been through. 

I had never considered my posture that bad, but Nik pointed out its defects and how it was affecting me (eg ‘your bottom’s on holiday, ‘your shoulder blades stick out like angels’ wings’ and ‘you have a hump’). I now know I had lost core muscle stability and twisted to the right, as a result of gravity and writing right-handed. Even though I had been quite physically active, my muscles had not been working in alignment for my entire adulthood, setting up a myriad of tensions in my body and affecting profoundly my physical and mental health.

The understanding and exercises Nik gave me enabled me to gradually correct my posture. Of particular benefit was his detailed advice on how to walk and sit properly, which no one before had come close to giving me. It was difficult breaking long established bad postural habits and two steps forward was often followed by one back, but finally there was light at the end of the tunnel.

I have felt progressively younger, calmer and healthier since the day I met Nik and now people comment on my good posture. Compared with before, walking to me now feels like floating. Looking back, it was as though I was dragging several millstones because of my poor posture and carriage.

Our posture is fundamental to our general health and enjoyment of life. It directly affects our joints, muscles and mobility, but indirectly our internal organs, circulation, lymph flow and mental health. I believe many health problems can be helped by addressing physical posture.

Nik is a genius in identifying postural defects and teaching you how to reverse them. I believe many other health therapies could learn a lot from him.

August 2014