Suddenly there’s only one more training week after this one.

We all had to give our whole talk this week in front of everyone, working only off cue cards.

Some people have slides and vids but I’d decided not to. Emma had said that people need to watch me and would lose something if they’re following slides and this rang true.

The no media people had to go first, there were five of us and I sat mute as each new talk was invited up.

I was working on a new first line. Some inspiration had settled and needed expressing immediately. It kept the butterflies in my belly flying low.

Again I had the “I’m not ready for this” and “Maybe I’ll just sneak out and rewrite it for next week” stuff clamouring in my head but…… eventually there was no avoiding it.

I took my cue cards and ascended to the guillotine.

My new first line went well. The second line was on the cue card, and I was away.

And it flowed. Right up to the end which I’d changed just before leaving home. I had a card for it but it didn’t ring many bells, so I made up an approximation.

People really got it. The stood when they should, they smiled in the right places and looked mystified here and there. I could feel light bulbs going on. They shouted Hallelujah with me.

Sarb hugged me at the end and said I did every part of last weeks feedback.

I almost felt drunk.

“Need to work on that ending though” was the major feedback this week.

Time to get to a rewrite.