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Postural Patterning 2016 Course

In February 2016 the next Postural Patterning Course will begin. it‘s a part time course over 6 months, held at The Wellness Studio in Raumati. The aim of the courses is to teach you the basics of the Postural Patterning method. Which will enable you to see and assess posture and help both yourself and others return to a balanced, stable body position.

The course numbers are limited to 8 people, with only a few spaces remaining. The course work will be split up into four different parts. There will be one afternoon group session per week, one full day intensive workshop per month, one individual mentoring session per month, and around 50 hours of course work to be completed at home.

The course does not have any educational prerequisites, but there is some pre-course work that does need to completed on basic functional anatomy.

Successful completion of this course will attain recognition as a licensed Level One Postural Patterning Practitioner. It will also provide you with knowledge that will last a life time and allow you to not only see problems, but have a pathway to fixing them. It will help you to understand how the human body works and teach you skills that can make a real difference to your life, and the lives of people around you.



Course Fees: $2999

For further information contact Nik CurryDip. Phys.(NZ)     027 2737 007


Individual Sessions –  Skype

An individual session takes about an hour. If you’re around Wellington region we can do them in person, otherwise it works just as well on skype. We need a bit of space to walk, any large room, and some clothes that fit quite well makes it easier but otherwise it’s the same process. I work normally in Wellington and the Kapiti Coast but, by arrangement I’m happy to travel to meet people and groups.

My Skype address is Nik_Curry.

The initial session is an opportunity to assess your movement and the problems you’re having now. I’ll help you gain a full understanding of the challenges and difficulties that are troubling you. We address the habits, beliefs and assumptions and actions that have created your present situation. These will help us determine your three postural keys.

Most people need three postural patterning sessions, depending on your unique pattern. These sessions are seen as interventions, not treatments, and happen over 3 -4 weeks. These interventions will increase your awareness and knowledge of the causes of the problems, and how to resolve them . They’re a way of gaining the tools you need in the process of balancing your own body.

It’s a process, not an event. It’s take a while to really ‘own’ the changes, but the effects are often much quicker. So after the individual sessions you move on to the weekly classes.

Group Classes

Postural Patterning classes follow on from individual sessions. As a prerequisite, you must have completed at least one individual session. This ensures that your situation is thoroughly understood and addressed with the correct keys.

Currently the weekly class is on Thursday nights at 6.15 at The Ruta King Cottage, 330 Rosetta Rd., Raumati.

Group classes run weekly, and have up to 10 people in them, at various levels of experience. Classes consist of group activities and some individual progressions for each person. During classes, I answer your questions and correct and develop new techniques.

You don’t have to come to a class each week, although you’re always welcome. The classes are your chance to clarify things, ask questions, check what you’re doing and what you should be doing an to get the next bit. It’s different for everybody.

If you are a ‘skyper’ then we still have classes each week. They’re a little different in format but achieve the same result.

These classes are to ensure that you’re progressing well. There are skills and positions that you probably can’t achieve yourself initially, until you’ve done some work. The classes ensure that when you’re ready we can help you move on to the next piece of the puzzle.

And they’re a lot less expensive!


Workshops are for everyone. Workshops can be arranged for workplaces, specific interest groups, practitioner groups, families and sports teams or any group of 8 – 12 people

Level 1 workshops run for 4 hours of work time, with a break. People work together as we cover the initial one-on-one sessions content and finish by finding their central position and defining their individual three keys.

Level 2 workshops assure that the group is on the right path. It progresses the three keys and introduces new skills, relevant to each persons path. Working in a group lets you see the same ideas from different perspectives.

Workshops can be held at your office, club or workplace. Following a workshop questionnaires and other educational materials are sent to group members. For booking information and pricing, contact me at or 0272737007

Discounted rates are offered to non-profits and charitable organisations.

Public Speaking

I’m available for booking as a public speaker. I’ve spoken at conferences, to business groups in corporate settings, business organisations as well as to medical practitioners of all kinds.

I enjoy discussing about the way we learn to use our bodies. I explain how your individual postural pattern develops totally  unconsciously and how this ‘secret’ pattern influences everything you do and the way you do it.

The talks are interactive, so expect to move a bit. They’re fun and informative. They’ll change the way you think about how you use your body and where you aches and pains are coming from. Usually they take about an hour.


You can contact me at or on (NZ) 027 2737 007. You might want to check out the Nik Curry Postural Patterning page for offers, workshops and courses.