Here’s my TedxWellington talk from the 18th of June at St. James Theater. The audience were marvelous and really joined in. It was a privilege to be part of such an inspiring community of people.

I hope you enjoy the talk and decide to find out about your own postural pattern. I think everyone should know this information about themselves.

If you’d like more information about Postural Patterning or you’d like to make a booking you can contact me through the contact page.


Youtube Videos


This is our second video, beginning to get the ideas about how to see and change your posture out to you. There will be lots of these videos and they’re all free. They won’t be fancy but they’ll have information, ideas, techniques, instructions, explanations and suggestions. These videos are to help you understand how your body works and what it’s doing. These videos are for you.



This video is about being able to see the shape of your trunk and how to find the ‘capital I’ shape – shoulders and pelvis level and nose over belly button, weight even on both feet. This is the first balanced position to begin postural awareness and change.



This is an audio of a Radio NZ ‘Best Song Ever Written’ interview . It was supposed to be about the song and why I chose it but the interviewer, Simon Mercep, was more interested in Postural Patterning than the song. I was delighted. The songs fantastic too. You can contact Linzee at if you’d like to know more about her wonderful music

This is the fourth video – Posture is a process, not an event. Getting ready to make the changes you need to balance your posture and use your body well.

What is a Postural Pattern? This video is about my basic question. When I started looking at my posture, 25 years ago, I had no idea what a postural pattern was in any real sense. Knowing your pattern is essential, knowing what you’re looking for is a great beginning.

This us our sixth video,the first in ‘Posture and Backs’ series. This series has lots of information about how posture affects backs, back problems and pain and how to balance and manage them.