Treatment vs Education

We’re well into the six month Postural Patterning course now and I’m so impressed with the group. There are 13 people doing the course, 2 by skype but the other 11 turn up ready to go every Sunday. They’re a diverse bunch, Some have backgrounds in health sciences like therapeutic massage, psychology, physiotherapy and […]

Posture Course 2016

The course is for you, everyone. Over the last 30 years I’ve worked at understanding how people use their bodies and how to improve their physical skills. Now it’s time to share these secrets with everyone else. It’s information that everyone should know about themselves.

I actually started out working on other peoples bodies but it wasn’t until […]

Email Signature

Up to the minute

September 1st 2015

Hi Everyone,

It’s some time since the last blog post and a lot has happened. Most recently Sally and I have opened a new home base at The Wellness Studio in Raumati. This dedicated space gives us greater scope to assist people with their journey to wellness through awareness and balance of the […]

Diane’s Testimonial

August 2014

I met Diane 14 years ago when I was living in Hobart. She had just returned home briefly from studying overseas, which she did every 6 months or so. Although still in her 20’s she’d been living with back pain and limitations to her lifestyle for a long time.

But she was still seeking […]

WWW. + FB and now VIDEOS

6th July 2014

Its been ‘fun’ lately as I climb up the technology ladder. Not a natural evolution for me but, with lots of help I’ve now got the website, and the Facebook page and we’ve started the videos. And was that a shock! I work with people all day, usually in front of a […] The Website


6th June 2014   THE WEBSITE

So here is the new website, a long desired and anticipated change. I had three options of how to achieve a website of this quality. The same three choices you always have:

–                     Make a change

–                     Stay the same

–                     Give up

I […]

Danni’s email

May 2007

Today I’ve been planning this years’ order of events, or at least how I hope things will go. Trying to get a view of the big picture. I was distracted by an email coming in. This is always a good moment for me as it carries the seeds of possibility, anything could happen, […]

Seeing the bigger picture – why I developed postural patterning

It’s been a long and satisfying process to develop the postural patterning system.

At the beginning I didn’t realise that this was what I was doing. I was just trying to find a way to treat and manage the clients who came to see me for physiotherapy.

As seems to often be the case, after getting […]

Them’s the breaks

Feb 2010

It’s easy to take an everyday thing like walking for granted. I’m a 50 year old man and I take lots of things like walking, driving a car, putting my socks on and sitting comfortably on the loo as the normal state of affairs.

It comes as quite a shock to be reminded of […]