June 2008

In a world where we have extraordinary experiences each day it’s easy to miss the ordinary things. We can order 19 varieties of coffee, have real time conversations around the world from matchbox sized phones or palm held computers. We can google a picture of the house a friend just rented in Hastings […]

Back to basics

Oct 2009

It hit me again the other day just how all pervasive posture is.

It affects everything we do and the way we do it.!

What made me take note again was a vigorous lady in her seventies who has a scoliosis.

This is a curve in her spine that goes one way way then the other […]


Aug 2008

I was looking at an endurance magazine recently and came across the term ‘Prehabilitation’. This was a new one on me but it could be more than just an advertising ‘spin doctor’ word, it could refer to a useful postural concept!

Everyone knows the ‘injury – rehab.’ process but ‘prehab’, sounds like you’d take […]

Being Normal

March 2007

It’s rare for someone to come and see me because they think they have bad posture.

They come because something hurts, or doesn’t move well, or is limiting their lives in some way. The posture is the second thing they talk about.

“…and I’ve always had bad posture!’ is a very common tag at the […]

Postural Patterning

Sept 2006

Well, this is my first blog. It seems appropriate to talk about WHY I’m writing here.
Postural Patterning is a way of life for me. It means my body is improving every year rather than getting worse. It’s a constant journey of discovery.

It keeps me aware and in touch with my body through the […]