Everyone can benefit from understanding their own body…

Postural Patterning

An educational system that helps you understand what your body is doing.

     Contact: Nik Curry  –  curry.nik@gmail.com    027 2737 007      The Wellness Studio, Margaret Rd., Raumati, N.Z.

As children, we’re not taught how to run, walk or stand. We teach ourselves. It’s no surprise that the vast majority of us don’t get it right. Many people live with benign pain and discomfort because they have lived their whole lives reinforcing bad habits. A poor postural pattern results in increased dysfunction and vulnerability to injury. Most people admit to having poor posture – but we never address this as the cause of our problems, and instead try to fix ourselves by treating symptoms.
Nothing is isolated. The solution is getting to know our own bodies, My name is Nik Curry, and I will show you how. It’s not an instant fix. It’s a process, not an event. There’s no magic trick or miracle cure. It’s about becoming aware of your current pattern and working on a new one.
My mission
One-on-one evaluation

A framework for correct body movement

A system that helps you

  • to see your own unconscious postural pattern.
  • to understand what you’re seeing and to compare your ‘normal’ with the ideal postural position.
  • to link what you’re seeing to the pain and problems your body is experiencing.
  • to find piece by piece, how to correct your postural pattern and to achieve balanced stability in all positions and movements.

Real people making a real difference to their lives

When you first meet Nik, he has the uncanny ability to look at you for 5 seconds, then tell you what your ailments are likely to be. He is acutely aware of, and has expert mastery of, his body and posture. He can mimic your own posture instantly, making you feel a bit uncomfortable when you realise what you look like, but also giving you the “aha” moment when you realise he’s right.
Corinne Gibson
I recommend Nik Curry and his work highly. I’ve had a frozen shoulder for over two years and it’s caused considerable discomfort, frustration and even self doubt. I have seen a number of physio’s and other therapists over this time with very limited results. Thanks to Nik’s insight, I’ve become aware of how my posture contributes to the problems and how making some changes to my posture facilitates the solution.
Tim R
I was looking at a wheelchair within the next five years without having a clue as to why my body was falling apart… until I met Nik. He gave me the what, the why and the how to understand my problemsNow I walk better, stand better and sit better. Importantly, I’ve developed the habit of constantly checking and reminding myself in all of those endeavours. It’s all made a major difference in my outlook. My body is stronger and better aligned now.